Restaurant Review: Stove at Langdale, wood fired to perfection

Hearing Stove, the new restaurant on the Langdale Estate, was opening but the three ever popular and distinctly different dining options, Purdey’s, Hobsons and The Terrace were closing to make way for it was a bit of a shock. Having visited though, it is yet another stunning and successful way this enterprise is moving forward.

The space is vast but very cleverly sectioned appealing to the varied visitors the Langdale Estate hosts daily. From business guests to couples on honeymoons, families from the lodges to those lucky ones staying at Brimstone, everyone can enjoy a space that’s suits them individually. For couples then the Wine Room was just perfect. Peaceful yet without the feeling your conversation was being overheard and first class waitress service including the topping up of wine and water. In the room next to us a group, gassing away in full flow yet us in the Wine Room couldn’t hear them at all. Going through to the bar and people on the high stools sipping cocktails. Head outside and there were couples and friends enjoying the last of the sunshine.

stove restaurant langdale hotel lake district
We had to start:
Prawn, lobster & crayfish cocktail – homemade fig jelly – avocado puree, the perfect, light yet decadent starter for the flatbread main.
Gin cured smokehouse salmon – 36 hour home cured & smoked Scottish salmon – 100% rye bread, caviar, capers, shallots. The salmon was the star of the show, a great texture and just the right amount of smoke.

And for mains:
Moroccan lamb flatbread – braised lamb shoulder with own special blend of spices, roasted vegetables and harissa, see below.
Pea & mint ravioli – fresh and flavoursome and the pasta was egg yolk rich and cooked perfectly.

We were both full to say the least but did manage to squeeze in a cocktail each, an Old fashioned and a super refreshing Bacardi mojito!

The standout dish was definitely the Moroccan lamb flatbread. The lamb melt in the mouth, just the right amount of charring on the roasted veg, fragrant with spice with a kick of harissa, the bread moorishly chewy and slightly crisp on the edges. With the name Stove and with the theatre of the open kitchen and wood fired oven at the heart of the restaurant, the flatbread exceeded expectations and we both agree we can see this and variations of it on the menu 365 days a year. Although we didn’t have any of the pizzas, if the flatbread is anything to go by, they will be equally as delicious.

What would we choose next time, now there’s a question, it was hard enough the first! At least 3 of the couples dining that evening we making plenty of “ooh!” “yum!” and “delicious!” noises when sharing the slow roasted locally sourced lamb shoulder. Coming complete with mash, roasted root vegetables, baby onions and a thyme and balsamic jus and served in a large stainless steel roasting tin, at just £30, it definitely seemed like an absolute bargain too.

So to sum it up, Stove has definitely lived up to and has succeeded in being “something for everyone all day and evening merging great indoors and outdoors spaces”.